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Skin Tags
It's a small flag of tissue that hangs off the skin and tends to
occur on the eyelids, neck, armpits, groin folds and under the breasts.
Removing skin tags do not cause more to grow.
The non-invasive procedure is virtually painless. Same patients
may feel a slight pricking sensation by connecting stalk skin tags.

Ruby Points
Ruby Points and cambell spots.
They are the most common vascular lesion, ruby points are painless and
can be removed quickly and safty at the clinic with not risk of damage the skin.

Spider Angioma
It's a combination of a ruby point and a single delated capillary.

Broken Capillaries
Broken Capillaries are tiny dillated blood vessel that are visible
through the skin, most common are locate on the face and chest.



Millia treatment

$15 & up

Skin tag

$15 & up

Ruby points

$15 & up

Spider angiona

$15 & up

Broken capillaries

$15 & up

Sun spot

$15 & up


It's a safe, non-invasive, effective treatment for
embarrasing skin blemishes, which treats:

- Skin Tags
- Ruby Points
- Spider Angioma
- Broken Capillaries

Millia Treatment

It is another name for black head.
We use keratin to fill cysts that can appear under the dermis at any age.
Price of this treatment depends on the skin condition

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